EUMT TECHCROSS SCANDINAVIA, The Scandinavian contact for the worlds most sold Ballast Water Treatment System.


TECHCROSS is the most sold BWTS in the world. The reference list counts more than 2.800 vessels and more than 4.200 units installed.

TECHCROSS is the only USCG approved filterless BWTS in the world. This feature brings significant operational advantages, including energy saving, less work hours for operation, and no ballast time wasted for back flush and down time.

Moreover - Techcross have the smallest footprint in the industry, and can easily fit into even small engine rooms - even at small tankers where space is a critical issue. Ex-proof versions are also available for deck and pump rooms.

Highly competitive prices and the highest disinfection rate on the market makes Techcross a smart choice. 

The Engine Room Solution (ERS) is a real money saver - Offering savings in the region of 250-300.000 Usd/ Vessel. 

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MSR  (Maritime Ship Cleaning Rotterdam)

EUMT is the agent in Scandinavia for MSR - Please call us - we are your single point of contact for ALL kind of cleaning projects.

Ship ownners and operators can safely trus on MSR to handle any cleaning of any part of the vessel - Fuel tanks, Cargo tanks, Sewage tanks, Cargo Holds etc.  

MSR is certified to receive dany type of sludge and residues - and will be able to issue certificates for correct deposit and handling. 

MSR - Is your responsible cleaning partner - and we work in any port in the North of Europe.

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EUMT is the agent in the North of Europe for NAVAL-DME which is a “one-stop” shop for total new building and retrofit projects.

The ship owner saves a lot of time, trouble and work, having all phases of the project covered by one single contract. NAVAL DME delivers turnkey solutions for all kind of projects.

Everything from 3D onboard laser scannings and feasibility studies for the preferred systems to full engineering, drawings, class approval, updating manuals etc. Via our partners we can also arrange logistic, fitting, test and trial.

NAVAL DME - Makes your job easier and work with all makers of Scrubbers and BWTS. That will limit the number of responsibility trenches between a number of individual contractors to a minimum and ensure smooth operation throughout the retrofitproject.

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The smartest turn key retrofit solution in the market - saves time and money during retrofit installations.

The precision of a  EUMT 3D laser scanning enables prefabrication of large spool pipes and components

We offers complete design and engineering packages for all kind of equipment - such as BWTS, Economizers, scrubbers, and other large retrofits.  

EUMT 3D solutions reduce the need for hot work on board - i.e. for  replacement of spool pipes and similar repair hot work. The lost time is reduced by 40-60% and the result is less off-hire.

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High quality Taylor-made marine coils 

Use our simple replacement form and get taylor-made coils from own factory. We are able to replace all types and makes of heating and cooling coils.

Highest quality copper tube and copper fin - ensures long durability and efficient heat dissipation. 

The flexible module build components ensures easy installation, Taylor-made coils for your specific  installation and special purposes.

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LED Light


EUMT offers significant savings of expensive fuel by shifting to LED light. One kWh produced onboard from the auxiliary engines has a cost of 15-20 cent and a fuel consumption for light alone of 50.000-100.000 Usd/year is often realized.

Moreover LED will save a lot of work onboard, not having to buy and change numerous fluorescent tubes every year. The LED tubes last much longer than fluorescent traditional tubes, and provides much brighter light.

We offer a Heavy Duty Marine quality second to none. We provide a heavy duty quality LED series called EUMT, and using our detailed instruction manual the products are seamlessly installed and commissioned.

The full investment, all inclusive is typically between 30-50.000 Usd, depending size of the vessel and numbers of lights and the trade area. The ROI will typically be less than 1 year and the LED installation will create a net profit of 150-250.000 USD over a five year period.


HVAC Systems and Enthalpy Wheels

EUMT offers the most energy efficient HVAC systems on the market.

The patented DMA Enthalpy Wheel (AM1) with the high efficiency molecular sieve 3Ao * is ensuring a highly efficient heat transfer.

The transfer of sensible and latent heat is very important in locations where the outside air is hot and wet, since the moisture transfer is maximized in that range of temperature.

The pre-cooling and dehumidify of the fresh air from outside will greatly reduce the energy consumption from chilling equipment.

This product can also be used in the AIR dehumidification dryer unit. Using this patented system, you will realize huge energy savings on your cooling compressors.

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EUMT provides a full range of high quality stainless steel galley equipment

All products are available, from food storage, freezing, preparation to washing machines and garbage handling

You are welcome to download the full brochure from the brocure section.

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